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Nectar Sunglasses

Nectar Sunglasses

Nectar is made for the freethinkers and the risktakers. They only make products that promote good vibes for your eyes. Enjoy more in sunnies.



Hatched from a 3 month van trip to Mexico, Feral is a visual and audio cacophony that captures the essence of a life changing surf trip featuring Kristy Murphy, Linda Benson, Cat Slatinsky, Corky Carroll and many more...

Two Feet and Classy

Two Feet & Classy

Two Feet & Classy is a surf flick about traditional longboarding in Folly Beach, SC. The film will premiere in October and the Carolina Surf Film festival as well as many other national surf film festivals.

Green Flash Guesthouses

Green Flash Guesthouses

Green Flash Guesthouses is a property management and lodging company founded on the principles of surfing, fishing & the lowcountry lifestyle. The owner wanted a rustic logo with several elements incorporated. We decided on a patch style logo with worn textures.

Folly Beach Child Care

Folly Beach Child Care

Folly Beach Child Care is happy to allow parents the opportunity to explore our beautiful barrier island. Go fishing, paddle board around the island, enjoy a cocktail at our local restaurants. After all, it's your vacation too!

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View all Work

I am constantly working on projects and updating my work. Take a look around a let me know what you think!

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I am the son of a truck driving mountain man and a poetic computer consultant. Being born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains inspired my initiative to move to the coast. So I picked a place on the map, fell in love with a southern belle, and here I am. A hardcore loving musician, lyricist, designer, tattoo fanatic and a surfer.

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